Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Let us introduce the details about our coming event on Monday, the 18th 2013 November @AICS, Amsterdam.

Theme: Future

About this event:

We hope to hold an event that will inspire our students to play an active role in improving their world.

Confirmed Speakers:

Liliana Moreva
I was born and raised in the Ukraine. My mother tongue is Russian. Indeed from an early childhood I have always been in the pursuit of increasing my knowledge in all subjects. My family and I live in Europe. I have been broadening my experience of international society from a young age, I have been studying in different types of international schools. This allows me to get in touch with a great diversity of many cultures. I may mention that I have an inquiring mind and voracious intellectual appetite. Looking forward to sharing the ideas which worth spreading! Liliana Moreva

Farah Lutvica 

Jasmine Karimova
My name is Jasmine Karimova, 15 years old and currently a student at the Amsterdam International Community School.

Antonie Fountain
Antonie Fountain has been the director of Stop The Traffik Netherlands for the last seven years. He is a human rights activist, speaker, columnist, and blogger on issues such as human trafficking, refugees, social justice, macroeconomics, theology, and art. Formerly the frontman of award winning rock and roll band Little Things That Kill, he now lives in a small commune on the Dutch countryside with his wife and two children.

Efza Ustuner
Efza Beria Üstüner an ambitious Educational Science student and entrepreneur. She works as a brainstorm expert, gets hired as moderator in both the corporate world and the social field and she facilitates trainings on community and team building. She is an active student in her department at the University of Amsterdam where she initiated, developed and organized the international course 'Cross cultural perspectives on child development and education'. She found big sponsors willing to support a study trip to The Gambia and before also to Israel with teachers and students. Whenever there is time left, she blogs mostly on social issues and personal experiences.

Roelof-Jan Minneboo
Roelof Jan Minneboo (Beverwijk, 1965) studied history and English and taught these subjects in various schools in the Amsterdam area. He is now a writer of sorts, producing educational programs for various (art) museums, writing teleplays and screenplays (with and for directors in The Netherlands, China, Georgia and Kazakhstan) and currently also a ‘young adult’ novel about Hieronymus Bosch. His writing is always in some way connected to the past and therefore he is looking forward to speaking about The Future at the TEDxYouth@AICS event.

Pieter van de Glind
I am a co-founder of ShareNL, the Dutch platform for Collaborative Consumption and I am a global curator for Furthermore I am the founder of Tuintjedelen and I am consulting public and private organization about Collaborative Consumption. I would describe myself as a connector, integrator and facilitator of human exchange at all levels. Building bridges between people, political and private institutions, disciplines and cultures excites me. Besides that, I love to explore cities and mountains ranges across the world.

Keith Groot
Keith Groot works as an English teacher trainer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Besides teaching modules like adolescent psychology, linguistics and didactics, he is also a higher year mentor. This involves guiding students through an important phase of their professional development. During this phase he pays a lot of attention to the students own vision on education and how that influences the kind of teachers they are becoming. At the TEDxYouth@AICS he will talk about how he believes teacher training can shape the teachers of the future.

Lynn Shore is passionate about increasing food sovereignty through urban foraging and community action. A science teacher, MPH graduate and permaculturist, she runs projects which connect urbanites with nature. is her blog, about foraging in Amsterdam. River of Herbs is her latest initiative, collaborating to transform dull spaces into a wildlife-friendly edible corridor, flowing from east to west Amsterdam. Lynn wants edible cities to be part of a sustainable future.

Thomas Chopin 

Bosscher Robert

Agraj Kochhar 

Kenny Bogan 

Matt Decovsky 

Evelien de Moes

Anna Schmakova

The TEDxYouth@AICS crew. 
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+  Liliana Moreva 
TEDx Stroryteller/ Confirmed Speaker
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